Business use of mobile phones increases every year.  While this growth in mobile usage has delivered greater employee availability and productivity, for some businesses, it also has introduced significant risk.  In the Financial Services Industry regulatory requirements are driving the requirement to record mobile calls, while in other verticals (Health Care, Call Centers, and Government/Public Service) industry best practices, risk avoidance, and company/legislative policies are driving the requirement.  Tango Networks enables Mobile Call Recording for business customers – “we do that”.   

Our solution is an enterprise application that resides within the network.  Our sophisticated policy management system allows the enterprise IT team to establish when to record and who to record.  Tango Networks Mobile Call Recording Application is compatible with all call recording systems whether they are located in the Cloud, in a partner network or in the enterprise network.

Key Capabilities

  • Security & Reliability

    • Enterprise application that resides within the network

  • Consistency

    • Integrates with call recording and analytics platforms that are already is use, or new platforms added to meet new requirements

    • No need to swap SIM cards– this is not an MVNO solution

  • Compliance

    • Provides the business IT Department or Compliance Department control over mobile call recording to meet the needs of their specific application including for Dodd-Frank (US) and FSA (UK) compliance.

  • High Performance

    • Seamless to the end user with no call setup delays – normal call processing

    • Best voice quality and efficient trunk resource utilization – no tromboning, no conferencing,

At any moment employees can be implementing secure transactions, sharing critical information, or managing customer relations over a mobile phone.  Today – none of these mobile calls are being recorded.  With Tango’s Mobile Recording Application they can be recorded reliably and securely.

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