Campus and Parental Control provides highly effective management of student mobile usage, as well as unique messaging and security features.

With many schools banning the use of mobile phones in the classroom, Campus and Parental Control gives institutions and parents the ability to monitor and manage mobile usage. Even when mobile devices are allowed, schools can use this application to reduce disruptions and improve student productivity.

Campus and Parental Control can also be used to deploy campus-wide alerts for practical or security purposes (i.e., emergency lockdown).

Parents can also use this service to decide what numbers their children can call or text, set up short codes for family members, or set up calling and texting limits.

Benefits of Campus and Parental Control include:

  • No client software – automatic engagement and enforcement
  • Cannot be circumvented by target user Network “Accountable Bypass” with “Recorded Consent”
  • For emergency aleting, teacher-controlled usage, etc.
  • Dynamic Policy: Enable teacher-controlled mobile phone usage during specific classes for specific purposes (e.g., text responses)

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