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SMS Text Messaging for Cisco Jabber

Tango Networks has announced availability of a simple solution for SMS Text Messaging for Cisco Jabber. Introduced at Cisco Live, the solution extends Cisco’s collaboration tool to let users communicate via SMS text with any device, in or out of the corporate network.

Summing it up in seven words, it takes Jabber to the next level. The business messaging system for Jabber converts the Cisco Jabber instant message into an SMS text that can be delivered over the wireless network. It uses the familiar Jabber interface, but vastly extends its reach, to anyone, anywhere.

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The Jabber SMS solution from Tango Networks improves collaboration. Teams using Jabber will now be able to seamlessly communicate with members outside the company as well as inside it.

SMS Text Messaging for Cisco Jabber

Tango Network’s Business Messaging for Jabber links to the Cisco IM and Presence server to receive messages intended for wireless endpoints, then leverages the wireless network to deliver those messages to the mobile phone. In the other direction, as Business Messaging for Jabber receives incoming SMS messages directed to Jabber users, those messages are converted into IMs for delivery to the Jabber client.

Business Messaging for Jabber – which can handle 500 texts or instant messages per second – can be deployed either on premises or hosted in the cloud, whichever the enterprise prefers.

Business Messaging for Jabber offers a text message audit trail, archiving all messages or texts sent to or received from an external wireless endpoint.

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