Inappropriate use of mobile phones in the classroom is a significant problem in schools everywhere. Regardless of students’ legitimate need for a mobile phone on campus, they can easily be abused during class time.

Whether the devices are just a distraction with students texting their friends when they’re supposed to be paying attention, or a cheating tool for looking up or asking their friends for answers during tests, it’s a growing issue for teachers and school authorities. The solution lies in enabling schools to manage mobile phone usage on their campuses.

The Tango Networks Campus Control System links mobile phones to “school policy server” that places control of phone usage into the school administration’s hands. It does so via integration between the mobile network and the school’s communications and scheduling networks so the school can establish its own unique usage policies.

For example, before and after a student’s school hours, there might be no restrictions on usage. However, during class periods, students might only be permitted to make calls or text with their parents/guardians and the specific teacher for that class as well as with internal and 911 emergency services.

With Campus Control, a school administration can:

  • Identify specific mobile phones (students, faculty, services) as subscribers
  • Detect that a student is in school and scheduled to be in class
  • Control the ability to communicate during specific classes
  • Enable specific communications capabilities such as student-teacher or within student groups
  • Identify specific locations, such as libraries or auditoriums where non-essential communications are disabled at particular times

Campus Control features an Emergency Mode that enables schools to mass-notify all campus mobile users in the event of a security or other situation, manage congestion by restricting non-essential calls and activate targeted communications such as to or from faculty or students in a particular classroom.

Tango Networks Campus Control:

  • Works with any mobile phone
  • Is not an app but a network-based system
  • Is completely enforceable to the custom policies set by the school
  • No GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required

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