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Tango Networks New Wireless Business Continuity Keeps Companies Connected Despite Outages

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Enterprise Mobile Business Continuity

Keep Your Business Running with Mobile Business Continuity

You don’t need redundant hardware or phone lines to keep your company’s operations running in the event you lose WAN or PBX connectivity. Tango Networks Mobile Business Continuity makes sure you stay fully connected to customers, co-workers, and others.

Whether your organization is large or small, all you need is a mobile phone and Tango Networks’ unique software solution to assure communications in any circumstance, from temporary network outages to weather-related disasters.

Typically, a company uses redundant equipment and leased backup phone circuits to ensure continuity. That’s an expensive approach. But with Mobile Business Continuity from Tango Networks, a truly cost-effective way to provide uninterrupted business calling, there is no need to buy that additional equipment or maintain backup circuits. Depending on its number of sites, a company can save tens of thousands of dollars each year.

With just a mobile phone and the Tango Networks Mobile Business Continuity solution, if your network goes down, your employees can shift over to the continuity solution in seconds and keep on taking and making business voice calls using their mobile phones. It is a solution that provides a dependable fallback strategy for any size company, and anywhere employees have access to cellular or WiFi coverage during an outage.

Even if the employees’ mobile phones are their personal ones, the Tango Networks Mobile Business Continuity solution can provide them a second identity – a business identity – on their phone. The calls will all appear as business calls and can be logged for cost tracking and reimbursement purposes.

Mobile Business Continuity also features a business messaging option, offering more communication capabilities.

The Tango Advantage:

  • Saves on recurring costs
  • Maintains business ID for calls
  • Supports all types of phone systems anywhere across the network
  • Leverages existing corporate assets
  • Works wherever there is cellular or WiFi access