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Enterprise Mobile UC

Enterprise Mobility is all about making your employees more productive while reducing costs and guaranteeing mobile policy compliance. When you make all the features of your business communications system available on your employees’ mobile phones, you empower them to work effectively wherever they are.

At the same time, this mobile first strategy can reduce costs for your company. You can eliminate some or all of your desk phones and pave the way for evolving the company PBX to new mobile oriented platforms. You can also use the least cost routing capabilities of Enterprise Mobility to slash the cost of international calling or WiFi for reducing minutes of use and roaming costs from the mobile perspective.

Enterprise Mobility also streamlines compliance. With Tango Networks’ unique ability to divide an employee’s mobile phone into a business identity and a personal identity, the IT department gets unprecedented control over the business identity. All policies such as on-net calls or restricting usage, can be properly enforced on the business identity, but the personal identity – particularly in BYOD environments – is unaffected.

Regardless of the PBX or UC platform your business uses, Enterprise Mobility can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, and tailored to your unique needs. From small companies to multinational enterprises, Enterprise Mobility offers a great leap in productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Enterprise Mobility benefits and more:

  • Business voice and messaging features for mobile devices
  • Optional integration to leading PBX and UC platforms
  • Mobile presence
  • Enforceable, IT-managed policy
  • Seamless least-cost routing for international calls
  • Cost management through desk phone and/or PBX elimination