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Responsible Driving System

Distracted driving – too often involving a driver who is texting or phoning while on the road – is a major cause of accidents among truckers and fleet drivers. Tango Networks offers a solution that protects lives, property, and mobile assets and allows a company to establish safe, completely enforceable mobile phone policies for its drivers.

The Tango Networks Responsible Driving System (RDS) is a network-based system, not an app. This method of delivering the service from the wireless operator is the secret to its ironclad policy enforcement, because drivers can’t circumvent the policies like they can with a simple app.

A fleet operator can establish, and enforce, the precise rules of the road it wants its drivers to follow for mobile phone use. A policy may prohibit all use of mobile phones when driving at speeds over a specific limit, or only allowing calls with the dispatcher during daylight hours outside of rush hour.

The Tango Networks RDS system is not just a call blocker, and it is far more than just an app. It’s a sophisticated, network-based tool that promotes safe driving and sensible use of the phone by the driver. Usage policies can be customized to the subscriber’s needs and coordinated with local regulations such as phone use prohibitions in school or construction zones.

If an operator wants to make a usage exception so its drivers can report road emergencies while driving at highway speeds, the Tango Networks RDS system enables exceptions through its “Accountable Bypass with Recorded Consent” policies. This means of overriding the system enables communications to go through but only via a specific process. That is just one of the many advanced capabilities of the RDS system.

Tango Networks RDS:

  • Works with any mobile phone
  • It is not an app but a network-based system
  • It is completely enforceable to the custom policies set by the manager or subscriber
  • No GPS or Bluetooth required
  • Includes advanced policies such as Accountable Bypass with Recorded Consent