See and control mobile communications as simply as landline communications

Fully enable the mobile workforce for maximum productivity and compliance

Seamless integration of mobile communications with your communications systems and business applications

Mobile communications now in your control

Kinetic Cloud is industry’s first Cloud-powered service that mobile-enables your existing enterprise communications, compliance and business application systems.

Built on Tango Networks’ award-winning technology, Kinetic Cloud is communications control middleware that acts as multi-service “glue.” It gives you one, unified point of control to see and manage mobile communications across your users and their mobile phones in any location and on any network.

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Before Kinetic Cloud

  • Communications fragmented across regions, operators, applications, devices
  • Hard to integrate multiple services
  • Service quality suffers with over-the-top applications
  • Inconsistent call & text recording compliance
  • Poor integration with enterprise applications & workflows

After Kinetic Cloud

  • Consistent, simple control across regions, operators, applications, devices
  • Seamless integration across all services
  • Network-native service quality
  • Consistent recording of mobile calls & texts for compliance
  • Seamless integration with enterprise applications & workflows

Kinetic Cloud is a communications control service based in the Cloud, offering multinational enterprises a single point of management that integrates their users’ mobile communications with their existing UC systems, fixed telephony, analytics, call recording systems and business applications.

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Kinetic Cloud is a network-based solution that delivers the best quality voice and messaging for business communications. It allows business-owned or BYOD mobiles to present fixed or mobile numbers to the called party, under complete control of the IT manager.  It is fast to deploy and through flexible APIs is compatible with most enterprise UC business application infrastructure, whether deployed on premises or in the Cloud.

Kinetic Cloud - enterprise mobility diagram

Solutions powered by Kinetic Cloud include:

  • Compliant Mobile Communications: Mobile voice and text recording for compliance with recordkeeping and archiving rules such as MiFID II and the FINRA requirements.
  • Mobile Unified Communications: extending your existing unified communications to mobile phones and enabling your users to activate UC features with the native mobile phone interface.
  • Enterprise Text Messaging: send and receive SMS text messages using business numbers. Open a critical new communications channel with customers, partners and others.
  • Distracted Driving Control: blocking mobile usage by company-employed vehicle drivers, to cut distracted driving risk.
  • Business Application Integration: automatic logging of mobile calls and texts in customer relationship management, workforce optimization, and other business applications and workflows.
  • Dual Identity Management: Separation and isolation of work and personal communications and identities, ensuring personal calls remain private for compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

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