Call Recording

On network fixed and mobile recording securely track all calls and messages

Mobile Communications Recording works on network for voice and SMS

Mobile communications recording services work right across all our mobile, landline and cloud services, using on network recording to ensure recordings are made silently, without the need for user intervention, and with no risk of circumvention.

Call recording delivers huge benefits across organisations including; call quality monitoring, security, contact history, sales tracking, contract assurance, business continuity and importantly regulatory compliance.

Our Enterprise grade Insight call recording service even has advanced phonetic search capabilities which can help analyse and classify customer interactions to identify performance and customer care issues.

Call Recording is ideal for 

  • Telephone contact history
  • Professional services records
  • Regulatory and security compliance
  • Agent quality monitoring
  • Call or SMS archiving
  • Sales tracking
  • Verbal contracts compliance
  • SMS message history and backup
  • “Remind me later” memos
  • Legal audit and compliance
  • Voice analytics applications

Small Business

Call Recording Small Business is our simple email only service, perfect for organisations needing just a simple “copy” of each call.

Ideal for local backup, calls and SMS messages are recorded straight from the network, then all your recordings are delivered directly to your email address.

Small Business Icon

Cloud App

Call Recording Cloud is our easy to use cloud service, with on-network recording, and always-on instant playback of all your calls. You’ll never miss another call again, and you get always-on instant playback with our easy to use App.

The great part is that you only pay for the ones you need, making this a great belt and braces option for mobile call recording.


Enterprise Insight

Call Recording Insight is our Enterprise grade recording solution for businesses who really need to delve into their recordings.

Insight has powerful features which enables organisations to unleash the big data held in their calls, including search, automated workflows and analytics.

Enterprise Insight

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Tango Networks empowers enterprises to maximize the productivity of their distributed workforces with the industry’s first truly enterprise-class mobile communications services. The Tango Networks Mobile-X service gives enterprises their own private mobile networks that cut communications costs, simplify security and compliance, and streamline communications for all staff worldwide. Solutions include rich Unified Communications on any mobile phone; mobile voice and text recording for compliance; enterprise text messaging from business numbers; and automatic business application integration of mobile communications.