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Mobile Call Recording

Business use of mobile phones increases every year.  While this growth in mobile usage has delivered greater employee availability and productivity, for some businesses, it also has introduced significant risk.   If your business interests need protection and you are currently using desktop call monitoring and recording solutions, shouldn’t you be doing the same for mobile calls?

Tango Networks’ Cloud and Enterprise Accelerator software Business Mobility Services that power the ability to record Mobile transactions. The Cloud Accelerator enables mobile call recording for cloud-based (be it Operator or Partner Cloud) and premise-based call recording platforms. The Enterprise Accelerator enables mobile call recording for premise-based call recording platforms.

Tango Networks gives Operators and their customers the flexibility required in today’s networking and communications environment.

Key Capabilities

  • Security & Reliability
    • Network-based solution ensures the recording of mobile business conversations with a clear chain of custody
  • Device and Service Independent
    • No software required on the mobile phone
    • Works with any mobile phone on a participating wireless network
  • Consistency
    • Integrates with existing call recording and analytics platforms
  • Compliance
    • Enables compliance with FSA, FTC, FCC, HIPAA, PCI  & FDA regulations
  • Simplify Business Processes
    • Enables compliance with FSA, FTC, FCC, HIPAA, PCI  & FDA regulations

At any moment employees can be implementing secure transactions, sharing critical information, or managing customer relations over a mobile phone.  Today – none of these mobile calls are being recorded.  With Tango’s Mobile Recording Solution they can be recorded, as needed, reliably and securely

Click here for a PDF of all Mobile Call Recording’s benefits.

Tango Networks – The Right Choice for Mobile Call Recording