Enterprise Text Messaging Solutions

Text messaging with your business phone numbers

Enterprise Text Messaging: Unlock Critical New Communications with Customers, Partners

Send and receive text messages from your corporate phone numbers using mobile phones, laptop, desktop, tablets

Enable mobile network text messaging using your UC clients

Communicate with customers, partners and others with convenient text messages – never miss a message

SMS Texting with Cisco Collaboration tools, including WebEx Teams and Jabber

Learn more about texting with Cisco Jabber

Optional text recording for compliance with recording and archiving requirements

Protect your personal mobile number and keep business and personal identities separate

Texting is widespread as a business communications tool.

Surveys show consumers increasingly want to use text messaging to communicate with sales, customer service, support, account management and many other functions. Even in business-to-business contexts, text messaging with customers and partners is growing rapidly more popular as a key communications tool.

The Tango Networks Enterprise Text Messaging Solutions enable your employees on any device to send and receive text messages from their corporate numbers.

  • Turn SMS into a conversational tool for communicating with all your customers and partners
  • Enable your users to communicate with anyone on any mobile phone, with SMS texting integrated with Cisco Jabber and Cisco WebEx Teams
  • Seamless integration with business workflows and applications, such as CRM, WFO, CEM and others
  • Never miss a message – enable your employees to communicate in the world’s most popular and convenient way
  • Ensure compliance with monitoring, recording and archiving requirements
  • Separate personal and business communications for privacy compliance with GDPR and other regulations
  • Text directly from your existing landline phone number with no porting required (US & Canada customers only)

Communicate by SMS text messaging using your business numbers with customers, partners and others, including on Cisco Jabber and Cisco WebEx Teams

Example Solutions: Enterprise Text Messaging and SMS enabling Cisco Jabber

Enterprise Text Messaging enables your employees to send and receive text messages from their work numbers, using their mobile phones. Now they have a powerful new way to communicate with customers, partners and others. Check out this demonstration:

Our Jabber SMS solution enables your Cisco Jabber messaging users to send and receive SMS text messages on the mobile network. Now Jabber can be used to communicate with anyone on any mobile phone. Check out this demonstration:

Enterprise Text Messaging with Tango Networks’ Kinetic Cloud

Our Kinetic Cloud service integrates SMS messages seamlessly into your corporate communications systems and other applications. SMS texting is in your control, so you can ensure the communications are compliant with monitoring, recording, and archiving requirements.

Users send and receive SMS text messages on their mobile phones and Kinetic Cloud automatically converts these messages to come from their business number.

Kinetic Cloud’s Dual Persona management features enable you to keep business and personal communications separate and secure.

Learn more: Click to download Enterprise Text Messaging solution note


Tango Networks’ solutions are available in a cloud service, the Kinetic Cloud, or as an on-premises mobile convergence platform, the Kinetic Communications Platform

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