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The Global Private Mobile Network for Enterprises

Mobile-X puts you in control of mobile communications like never before. It unlocks the door to all mobile services and enables you to direct centralized mobility across your business regardless of location or device.

Mobile-X creates the industry’s first Global Private Mobile Network (GPMN) for your enterprise.

A single SIM and seamless mobile subscription for all users worldwide
Complete enterprise control over mobile voice, messaging and data
A mobile communications ecosystem – enabling native mobile UC and Call and SMS Recording
A foundation for migration to 5G, Private LTE and future technologies

Mobile-X gives your enterprise exclusive, secure control over a unified mobile service:

  • One consistent mobile subscription for all employees the world over, regardless of location or network used.
  • Native communications on employees’ mobile devices driven directly by your Unified Communications platform, without requiring hard-to-use, poor quality VoIP apps.
  • Complete control over compliance, recording, security and communications costs for all mobile voice, messaging and data used by your employees.
  • Advanced authentication and security in a mobile offering that is a foundation for migration to 5G and Private LTE.

Mobile-X Solutions

Global SIM

A single SIM for your mobile employee users worldwide, enabling simplified mobile service management, lowest cost routing of traffic, control over roaming and consistent, enterprise-wide policy enforcement. One consistent mobile subscription across all users globally.

UC Link

Easy to deploy Mobile UC solution which is compatible with your existing UC platform, whether deployed on-premises, hosted or cloud-based. Mobile-X UC Link places the features of your UC into users’ mobile phones, for a true Mobile UC endpoint that you control.

Solutions include:

Mobile UC: extend your UC platform and applications to users on mobile devices with native mobile phone control and features.

Enterprise Text Messaging: enable your users to send and receive SMS text from any business number.

Jabber SMS Texting: permit your Cisco Jabber users to use their Jabber apps to send and receive SMS with anyone, unlocking Jabber communications with external customers, partners and others.

Capture Link

Mobile voice and SMS text capturing for recording by your compliance, archiving and quality assurance systems. Mobile call recording enables your users to communicate with customers and partners while remaining compliant with record retention and customer service quality requirements.

Business Application Integration

Mobile communications seamlessly integrated with business applications, to fully mobile-enable your enterprise processes, workflows and employee activities.

Business Application Integration (BAI) solutions include:

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM): integration with Salesforce for auto-call logging & automated record keeping.

Workforce Optimization (WFO): integration with WFO solutions, call center workflow, field engineering and sales workflow applications, for streamlined and simplified mobile communications to support superior outcomes. 

WITHOUT MOBILE-X:  Fragmented patchworks of inconsistent mobile services across regions yield unreliable access and application performance

WITH MOBILE-X:  One global mobile service for all employees everywhere, for consistent control, performance and true business quality communications, internationally

WITHOUT MOBILE-X:  Mobility controlled by mobile operators, not enterprise IT staff, makes it hard to enforce policies, security, recording compliance and cost control

WITH MOBILE-X:  Mobility in your direct control, with the ability to manage costs, administer security, enforce policies and ensure compliance for mobile using your existing recording platforms

WITHOUT MOBILE-X:  Messy, non-intuitive mobile apps that employees ignore or find frustrating, hampering mobile communications 

WITH MOBILE-X:  Improved user experience for employees out of the office – through the integration of native calling and texting from the native phone interface

WITHOUT MOBILE-X:  Integrating mobile communications with IT applications is very difficult

WITH MOBILE-X:  Seamless, native integration of mobile communications with your other IT applications

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